Dear Clients, Families, and Members of the Public:
California law does not require freestanding facilities where women give birth to be licensed as an “alternative birth center” (“ABC”). This midwifery practice is one of many midwifery practices statewide that are exempt from state licensing as an ABC because it complies with the terms of sections 1206(a) and 1204.3(c) of the CA Health and Safety Code. These sections together state that licensed midwives who provide birth-related services within their legal scope of practice in a “place or establishment” that the midwives use as their “office or clinic” are exempt from having to obtain
licenses for those establishments, so long as the office or clinic is not held out to clients or the public as a licensed ABC. This law provides this exemption regardless of the words used as part of the name of the center. The text of the exemption language in sections 1206(a) and section 1204.3(c), which should be read in that order is available at the link below.

California Health and Safety Code:

MNBP meets the requirements for exemption because it consists of California licensed midwives who provide birth-related services within the scope of our license, including childbirth that takes place in a place or establishment that we use as our office or clinic. This practice and its midwives do not represent or hold out this practice establishment to be a licensed ABC. For these reasons, we are exempt under this law, even if the name of our practice includes the words “birth,” “center,” or “birth center.”